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Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7

s7 - performers workshop - Date to be confirmed soon

Fresh BC Talent - S7 - Performers Workshop venue: SANDMAN Hotel- Penticton

Online registration forms TBC soon

STARTS with a Friday 'Evening Reception" Meet and Greet of our Special guests * Entertainment Summit Presenters * Featuring a Q&A panel * Live Entertainment * Refreshments: An evening of Music and FUN * Musician mixer  * Performers and Guests Networking...and more ! * Great way to kick off our weekend event...

TBC by Request: Parents Evening workshops - Music Industry Opportunities / Group panel

Any music workshop ideas or suggestions Welcomed any time. 

On line Registration [ under construction ]

Workshop Format [ideas] posted SOON.

Workshop presenters needed. Annual Performers Music Workshop - September last weekend

If you are a professional in the music industry with special training or skills that would benefit young performers / adults in our music workshop as a  presenter [voice, stage, vocal health & fitness, song writers support, and or other skills not mention we'd love to hear from you

 We welcome the opportunity for you to be a part of our exciting Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7 ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT this fall.

Please send me your suggestions to: cmelive@yahoo.com

Use subject line: Workshop ideas

Workshop Questioner emailed to interested performers (singers, bands, players,) etc. by request.