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Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7

ARTS Market Registration

ART GALLERY - Premium vendors sites remaining. Sites booked on first come-PAID basis. Lettered Sites show availability
B-3 One spot OPEN
C - site #1, 3, 5, and 8 OPEN 4 left
SEASONAL bookings have preferance to (A - B - C ) site spots over DROP-IN vendors and may be moved upon all lettered sites booked by SEASONAL vendors. Front of Art Gallery RESERVED for our staging area [music / artisits] other art demonstrations.
Indicate: SEASONAL [$20] on consecutive Sat. dates booked. DROP-IN rates at $35. SEASONAL & DROP-IN bookings require a (one time only) $10 Admin Fee. DROP-IN vendors Registered can re-book again any time at $35. Contact ARTS Market person.
SEASONAL Rate ($20) each Saturday market date [ x ] number of market dates remaining.
DROP-IN weekly Rate at $35.00: plus a one time Admin Fee of $10. Extra weekly bookings @ $35 per Saturday booked either in July and or in August..
Payment options: E-Transfer, Cash or Checks to secure your site. FEES Non-Refundable and Non Transferable
Pymt. CASH - PAID by or before your show date.
E-Transfer - send funds to cmelive@yahoo.com SECURITY Pass word can be send by (email) upon your Registration confirmation.
CHECK - payable to Denis Chaykowski / 570 Martin St. Penticton BC V2A 5L4