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west bench annual fathers day neighborhood garage sale

6th. Annual Fathers Day Weekend

West Bench Community Wide Neighborhood Event

 Saturday, June 15, 2019 

NEW times: 8 Am - 2 PM [new closing time]


West Bench homes and surrounding neighborhoods involved will be displaying balloons / or signs on the Father's Day Saturday weekend yard  sale event. 

This years event is expected to be even bigger than last year. We have over 900 homes in the West Bench 3 main neighborhoods:

West Bench Dr. < Russet Dr. > Sunglo Dr. Bing & Katie Dr. Park Pl.

  Bartlett Dr. > West Bench Dr. Newton Dr., Duchess Dr., Sparton Dr. Ridge Rd., Jonathan Dr. >  Hyslop Dr.

Husula Highlands [up to Sandstone Dr. and Forsyth Dr. to Tyrone Pl.]

Sage Mesa Dr. Pine Hills Dr. > Sage Mesa Dr., Solana Cr., Ladera Pl., Verano Pl. >

HINT: pick up a Penticton city map to help guild you thro the above areas.

Our directional signs will look like this (below) with smiley face and arrows on poles thru-out the West Bench community neighborhood streets: Homeowners involved will have signs / balloons

<----------  -------- >


Fathers Day Saturday Weekend "Yard Sale" Event advertised in Skaha Matters during the months of May and June using social media outlets, signage to promote the community event.  Penticton Herald and Western News ads week of event.

Suggest individual homes place their own ads as well [direct traffic to your door] in the Penticton Harold paper Fridays edition. Best to call them directly.

Expect a lot of people. Prepare to haggle with your prices - that's the fun of it all'

REMEMBER you are trying to 'De-junk your treasures...."'Aren't you" ?

Social media posts include: Kijiji / Castanet / and Face book [Cmelive/events]. Banner (advertising) stripes handed out at Flea Markets / OKanagan Auction / other.

Asking neighbors as well to post your "yard sale" on your e-media outlets and social contacts.

Directions to West Bench from Penticton - Hwy 97 North

Turn LEFT at Doc's Golf Centre up hill - Directional signs displayed


Display your yard sale signs and or balloons at your own homes / telephone posts so that people can find you. When you are sold out [or burnt out] take your balloons / signs down.

Some suggestions: get your neighbors together at one (home) location / a park area / get your kids involved setting up lemonade aid, beverage stand. Its been HOT the pass few years. This always add to the yard sale event: a great way for kids to make some summer monies.

Please remove any of your signs / balloons you tack on telephone posts or other. We like to clean up after our event is over. This is appreciated by everyone in our communities and RDOS. 

Our event signs and other material will be removed Saturday after event

Appreciate everyone else to do same with your signs / balloons. THANK YOU 


Driving from Summerland to Penticton: Hyw. 97 

TURN  Right up towards Sega Mesa Dr./ Pine Hills sign just pass WOW Golf coarse sign.We have a large sign at the base of the hill going up...can't miss it!

First side street VERANO PL>  than up to T - intersection TURN Right -----> to Sage Mesa /  Pine Hills Dr. > Sage Mesa Dr., Solana Cr., Ladera Pl., and Verano Pl.

Many homes involved. Keep driving down Sage Mesa right to the end (Verano Pl) as it may seem there's nothing there....



You're All Invited to participate in this years event:



SATURDAY, JUNE 16 *  starts 8:00 AM – 4 PM


West Bench EXPECTING  1000's of people...checking out the great deals to be had..

Denis Chaykowski

901 Newton Dr.

Contact info: 250 460 2221

Coming up 2019

 Saturday, June 15

Fathers Day weekend 

NEW Starts at 8 Am - 2 PM [new closing time]