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Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7

performers competition rules and conditions 2020

Performers Registration: Rules and  Conditions 2020

 Open to Performers Ages 9 up to 18 yrs. in the Okaganan Valley and BC area

Welcome Solo Performers, Duets, Trios, Teen bands, and Dance Groups, etc.

All Entertainment Forms Welcomed

A - *Performers can enter and register in only one category. Either Category 1 or Category 2 

B -  Bands or Group, etc. cannot switch in performers during the competition

C - NOTE* TEEN BAND / GROUPS may still compete should a member drop out: (due to sickness,  family emergency) etc. The group MUST consist of (3) original members. 

PERFORMERS Song requirements:

Preliminary Round - February and March

NOTE: Category 1 Solo performers perform 2 songs on their Feb. competition date.

NOTE: Category 2 Teen bands / Groups perform 3 songs on their March competition date 

NOTICE: We need 3 Teen Acts in Category 2 by

                                  Saturday, February 29 to proceed w/ three (3+) members                                                       


CATEGORY 1 - Solo Performers perform 2 NEW songs

CATEGORY 2 - Teen bands / Groups perform 3 NEW songs

 NOTE * Preliminary Round score marks will be applied to FINALS score to declare a winner in Category 1 and Category 2.


#3 FINALS - Performers Category 1 perform 2 NEW songs and Category 2 Teen bands / Groups perform 3 NEW songs.  Performers MUST submit their NEW songs [ Artist or Group name / Song title ]by email to Event producer in advance for competition approval.

#4 Songs Approval based on songs lyrics, contain message(s). Any songs deemed inappropriate performers and or group(s) notified if changes and new submissions required.

#5 Contain refers to songs inappropriate language and or remarks directed to any religious faiths, race, color, and gender. Includes all forms of disrespect.or attacks on or to person(s) or group(s) by song lyrics. Applies to songs performed live and or use of backing tracks .

#6 NO Foul language at venue, during performance, directed at Judges or at performers.             #7 All Minors MUST be accompanied w/Parent or attached w/Adult 19+ yrs at show venue

#8 Performers to be Supportive and Respectful of all Competitors, Judges and Audience. 

#9 Teen bands / Groups MUST provide all their members names, ages with registrations

NOTE: All scores sheets Confidential & Property of Fresh BC Talent Quest  production

NOTE: NO Preliminary Round and or Finals scores Announced at shows.

Good Luck to All of Our Performers and Have FUN