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Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7

2020 Performers & Teen Band competition

Fresh BC Talent - SEASON 8
Proud to present another exciting performance opportunity for young performers in the Okaganan with WINNERS performing on the Penticton Peachfest Main stage, Aug 2020.
Fresh BC Talent Quest will feature a NEW Performers Category for Solo acts and Duets Teen bands, dance groups, etc. will now be the 2nd. category option for performers.
Presenting Competition Categories 
* Category 1 - NEW: Solo and or Duets
* Category 2 - Trio's - Teen Band / Groups.
*NOTE: Bands / Groups [dance, instrumentalists, etc.] must consist of 3+ members
Competition Forms must be competed by all performers to be eligible to compete.
ADMIN Fees: $10 p.p. (Non-refundable) Fees to support each category cash prizes
Send [$10.00 ] fee payment by e-transfer or mail check payable to: Denis Chaykowski, Event Producer 570 Martin St. Penticton, BC V2A 5L4"check memo 'ADMIN Fee'

Performers CONFIRMED by email upon receiving Performers Admin Fee / Registration. 

Performers Registration: Rules and  Conditions 2020

 Open to Performers Ages 9 up to 18 yrs.

Competition open to Solo Performers and Duets, Trios, Teen bands, Dance Groups, etc.

All Entertainment Forms Welcomed

NOTE: If an 8 yr. old performer turns 9 after January 1, 2020  and or during our talent quest February or March First Round dates, than s/he would be eligible to register.

NOTE: Performers turning 19 before January 1, 2020 are ineligible to compete. 

*Performers can ONLY compete in Category 1 or Category 2 

Group Members [registered or unregistered] in a Duet or as a Band, etc. cannot be switch in  and or out (groups) during the competition First Round competition date(s).


* Following Other conditions apply.

NOTE * Conditions apply if  a member from duo (1) drops out the remaining performer may continue as a solo performer. Duets [1/2} score will than apply to solo performer to continue.

NOTE*  Conditions apply if a band /group member drops out group may still continue in Category 2 if group still consists of (3+) members. If 2 or less members than the  remaining members move to the Solo / Duo category. Other Conditions may apply and 1st Round score marks adjusted accordingly to be applied to FINALS if scores are required to declare a winner.

Performers On-line Registrations MUST be completed as per instruction.

Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 8

Host Venue & Sponsor: Tugs Tap House - Martin St. Penticton

IMPORTANT: Performers Competition Dates and Show times


*CATEGORY 1 - 1st Round - Solo performer or Duo's

REQUIRE a * 20 min set [ 4 songs ]


Show starts 1:30 PM

 MARCH dates:

*CATEGORY 2 - 1st Round  Bands / Groups

REQUIRE a * 30 min set [ 6 songs ]


Show starts 1:30 PM

NOTE: Performers competition date confirmed by email for First Round contestants.


Tugs Tap House - Show time: 1:30 PM


Category 1 and Category 2

NOTE: All ACTS require only 3 songs ( 15 min ) set.

WINNERS to Peachfest announced after talent competition.

GOOD LUCK to All Performers.


PERFORMERS Song choice requirements:                                                           Screening also applies to all backing tracks for dance groups and or other music tracks used.

#2 REQUIRE List of Performers song choices [Titles & Artist] name to be submitted for Approval by Event producer.  Email Denis in advance [set list] for approval before show date.

*Performers Set list (song titles / artist) copies required for each of our 3 Judges on show date.

#3 FINALS - Band / Groups may repeat their performance. We will have 3 new Judges for the FINALS. Performers MUST submit any new songs for approval by Event producer in advance.

#4 Songs Approval based on songs lyrics, contain or message(s). Any songs deemed inappropriate for families / guests the performers or group(s) notified if changes are required.

#5 Approval also includes songs contain, swearing or inappropriate remarks directed to any religious faiths, race, color, gender; or of any other form of disrespect, and or attacks on or to person(s) or group(s) in the song title and or lyrics. Applies to original or recorded music traks.

#6 NO Foul language at venue, during performance, directed at Judges or at performers .                                                                                                                             

#7 All Minors MUST be accompanied w/Parent or attached w/Adult 19+ yrs at show venue

#8 Ask Performers to be Supportive and Respectful of all Competitors, Judges and Audience. 

#9 First Round in the Event of TIE - Both acts advance to the FINALS 

NOTE: In the event of a TIE in the FINALS the performer(s) previous show scores may be used to break a tie to declare 1st Place winner in Categories 1 and or Category 2.

NOTE: All scores sheets Confidential & Property of Fresh BC Talent Quest  production

NOTE: NO Preliminary Round and or Finals scores Announced at show.

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 Peachfest 2020 

  If you are experiencing any problems with your On-line

Performers Registration Forms contact me directly to sent Reg. copy 



Subject line: Peachfest 2020

Thank you 

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